Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In the Midst of the darkness, I'll look for the Light...

I leave in 30 days. I just met with a neurologist today, and he mentioned seizures. I have so many things to do at school, and nothing can be done until I get there. My room looks half-naked, because I've packed up what is staying into boxes to go downstairs. My grandpa gets confused so easily.

There are so many dark things around me these days, in the midst of this summery sunshine, and I have been thinking that I need to focus on all the things that God has given me right now that I can appreciate them in the now. So here's my list.

I love...

  • red nail polish on my toes
  • the smell of pineapples
  • blue skies and sunshine
  • having a job that pays well
  • getting to see my sisters
  • my mom's dinners
  • my dad's birthday cake
  • shopping with my sisters for my dad's birthday present
  • my new jeans that my BFF helped me pick out
  • thinking about my new school
  • seeing my grandpa smile when I hold his hand
  • petting my dog
  • folding clean towels
  • visits with friends 

There! Just by making this list, I have realized how much I have to be grateful for! Thank You, Jesus, for my life. I know that You hold me in Your hands.

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