Friday, April 2, 2010


Spring Break- two of the most glorious words in the entire English language! Today I accomplished my Spring Break goal: fill a photo album with pictures from a photo shoot my sisters and I did last spring. Two days ago I went through several hundred pictures (yes, hundreds! our photographer is thorough!) and selected my favorite 24 shots. Today, I confirmed with my sister my selections, and then we went to the drugstore and printed them off. We got home and spent a few minutes fussing over the order, but it is all done!

My great-aunt gave me the photo album for Christmas, and when I saw it, I knew that it was the perfect one for this photo shoot. So during the stress of finals a couple weeks ago, I made it my goal to fill the album by the end of Spring Break. And I have done it! My other Spring Break goal is to apply to the school-within-the-school at the local university. The application is due Monday, and my goal is to mail it on Saturday before it's due. So I finished my rough draft of my essay today, and then tonight my friend and fellow applicant are going to go over our essays over the phone. Then I will print the essay and my transcript and will get myself an envelope and stamp! I can almost taste the finished product!

My goal for the summer is to make one of my MC year, because when my parents bought me a camera, it came with a free book of 24 pics {I think? Have to double-check!} that I send to the company and they'll put together for me. So that is my summer goal. Well, on a more long-term note, my goal is to graduate from college without any debt, and so to do that, I must work. So farewell for now, readers- it's off to work I go! :)

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