Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hello, beloved readers! I hope you realize that you are beloved, really and truly. He loves you! So I woke up the other morning and thought, it all comes down to stories. Everything in our lives comes down to a story.

Think about it. In school, why do you study English? To read stories. Even nonfiction books have stories in them. Why do you study math? Story problems!!?!?!? Hello! And in science, what makes it interesting [for me, at least]? The stories about how things were discovered or created. What is history? PURE story! What do we love to tell our best friend? A story of what happened the other day, last week, six years ago! How do you practice another language? Tell stories! How did Jesus teach his followers? Stories!

I read somewhere that God is all about stories. He is the ultimate Author, and He loves to write the stories of our lives. I think this is my favorite part of Him: His storytelling nature. It's probably because He made me like that, but I think He made me like that because it's a part of His nature! His whole love letter to us is a story, a gorgeous collaboration of thousands of stories that take place over hundreds of years, all revealing His majesty and His passionate love for us. I can't get enough of His stories!

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