Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hello, dear readers My, it's been a while since I've written. Why is that? Hmm...oh yes. School started. So now I've completed today's assignments, and I was chatting with a dear friend.

We were talking about a couple of mutual friends who are about to get married. To each other. In March. And I thought to myself, I want to ride the train. Why, you might ask. What does two friends getting married have anything at all to do with riding a train? How are these subjects related? What is the correlation between them?

The answer, I must warn you, is not a profound one. It is not a brilliant, well-planned out answer. It is the truth, so I must answer it, since you have asked. The answer is, I have to take a train to get to their wedding. That is all. But can you grasp what expectation and anticipation is held in this simple train ride? Two of my dear friends are about to embark on the journey of wedded life together, and I get to be a part of their celebrations, and my travels start with a train ride.

Oh, that's pathetic! you might say, How can you long for the train ride when you should be anticipating the ceremony?! My friends, I cannot tell you. All I can say is that I want to go on a train for a long ride. I am planning on it, and I will get on a train on March 24th and I will ride that train till it gets to my stop. And then I will get off the train, and I will embrace many, many people who are dear to me...and then I will get back on a train, and I will ride the train back home.

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