Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some thoughts

So I've been thinking about trust a lot recently. The school I'm attending just released the schedule for the next quarter, and the general consensus on campus is that Spring Quarter sucks. All the classes are arranged so oddly that it feels impossible to get just the right schedule.

So I sat down with my wise father one evening, and we worked out a schedule. It was a great schedule...just notice I used the past tense there. The class I wanted was full; a teacher recommended that I not take a certain class online; and now I'm in a different class than the rest of my foreign language friends. AUGH! So as I wait to hear back from the science teacher about my chances of getting into his class this coming quarter, since I'm 8th on the waiting list, I hear the Lord whispering, "Rest and trust, My daughter; rest and trust that I have it all taken care of." And I know that, in my spirit, but sometimes my mind freaks out and just goes BLAH! I want to take care of it all, NOW!

But my spirit wins. That's the good news. I have to consciously choose, several times a day, really, to not give in to fear and doubts and what-ifs, but to let the Lord handle it all in His perfect timing and way. I mean, He's God! What can't He do?!

My church watched the video of Louie Giglio last week, about how amazingly GIGANTIC the universe is, and then realizing that God holds all of that in the palm of His hand. So my class schedule is SO not an issue for Him! It may seems like the biggest thing in my life, but God can totally handle it! So let me encourage you to rest and trust. He's got it. That's all you need.

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