Friday, February 13, 2009

A Funny Story, Imagined

OK, so I was on the bus the other day, and there's this guy who's kinda wierd and he always stares straight ahead and he wears this long trench coat-ish thing, but it's open over his behind but long down his legs.

Anyway, this guy always pulls the rope to request a stop at the college, even though that's where most of the people get off anyway. And I had to wonder, what happened if the bust driver just kept driving? So this is a little brainstorm of this comical situation...and it's getting me away from my math book for a short while! Ha, the truth comes out! Anyway, here goes. Oh, and this kinda has a sing-songy rhythm to it; try and pick it up. 

The bus driver was driving along his normal route. The student was planning on attending class. He had a perfect record he didn't mean to break. He had never missed a class, had never even been late. He pulled the string to let the driver know that this was where he left. The bus rumbled to the bus stop, releasing its exhaust. But to everyone's alarm, something strange took place. The bus driver kept driving, right on past the stop! He didn't even brake as the student leapt to his feet.

Pandemonium broke out upon the bus as people looked longingly at their stops. The bus driver kept driving, unaware of his frantic passengers. The student demanded to be let out, but the bus driver kept on driving. A mother hugged her baby close as the bus rolled through the park and ride. She looked mournfully at her car as the bus driver kept on driving. Realizing that the bus would just keep going, the passengers settled back into their seats, and then something stranger began to occur. The passengers began to enjoy the scenery. They had never paid attention before to the scenic route they took, but now they gazed in awe as the city came into view. The bus driver kept driving through the city, taking his passengers for a ride that they had not planned. And when they left the city, what sights their eyes saw! They saw nice homes, mowed lawns, kids on bikes, and clean cars.

And even beyond the residential area, they saw horses running races with the bus. They saw cows trotting to be milked. They saw hay before it had been picked. They saw grassy hillsides covered with growing corn. And through it all, the bus driver kept driving. Well, there was one person on the bus who was not enjoying the view at all. The student couldn't see the scenery; he could only see the big red ABSENT his teacher would surely write upon his attendance sheet. He began to sweat and squirm when suddenly a small hand touched his arm. "Excuse me, but can you help me?" A small child asked. The student wondered what he meant, then looked around the bus. Because of the beautiful view, many passengers had stood to their feet, blocking the window from the poor lad's sight. The student gave a little sigh, then picked up the child. The boy cried out in delight when the landscape came into view. The student also looked at the beautiful land.

Slowly, the thought of missing class left his mind. His attendance sheet slipped out of his consciousness. All he thought about was the beauty of the land and the appreciation of the small child in his arms. The student realized that even though his education was important, appreciating the small things was more so. He grinned, leaning forward so as to give the boy a better view. The bus was now returning to the city, and the hustle and bustle returned. The passengers seated themselves again, but continued to gaze out the window. The student also took his seat again, and the little boy returned to wherever he came from. The bus driver kept driving, now back on his normal route.

With a wise smile and a twinkle in his eye, he let the student off at the college. The student awoke with a start, feeling the adrenaline rush of having fallen asleep on the bus and nearly missing his stop. He pulled the string cautiously, and this time, the bus driver stopped. The End.

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