Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well, I emailed the people in charge of credit for ASL. They said no.

I’ll admit, I cried. I was disappointed. Were the past two years of overloads a waste? What was the point of my taking 20 credits for over a year? Why didn't they understand? Was my email not clear? What more could I have said?

But I talked to my dad, and he reminded me that God’s plans are higher than mine, and those years weren't a waste. I’m fluent in another language! And I’m going to learn how to belly dance!

Also, I should make an amendment to my previous post. I was contradicting myself when I said that I was going to strive for excellence but not freak about this paper. I AM going to work excellently, and I DO care about it. My work is a representation of who I am in Christ, and so I will do all things to the glory of God.

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